14th TO 16th September

Every nation pins its hope on the current generation – the collection of young and hopeful citizens who will go on to become the leaders of tomorrow. In a populous country such as India, which is characterised by its diversity and complexity, the objective of progress becomes much more bloated. Classroom learning strives to prepare the youth for the technical challenges they will face. Yet, it forms only one-half of the equation. Gone are the times when just blackboards and texts sufficed. Tomorrow’s leaders need to be able to transfer the academic tools into boardroom decisions for tackling the increasingly complex world.

In this backdrop, Vista announces the fifth edition of the Young Leaders’ Summit (YLS). After resounding success for four years in a row, YLS is back again to create an engaging platform for students from around the country. The delegates will take part in a 3-day summit designed to maximize learning and to seed interaction amongst peers and experienced professionals. The students will get an opportunity to learn from IIM Bangalore’s globally renowned faculty, who have immense experience in industry, academia, and research; and interact with leading minds in the industry who have been there and done it. Besides, they will also get a first-hand experience of IIMB life through participation in a number of academic and extracurricular activities.

There are many events that mark a student’s course and defines the path taken. YLS aims to be a landmark in this journey, which would serve as the cornerstone of leadership.


The summit will be held on-campus (At IIMB) from 14th-16thSeptember, 2018 with participants required to attend sessions on all the three days to be eligible for certification. Initial applications will be evaluated on the basis of various parameters, and short listed delegates will be invited for the final summit.

The session will be a blend of workshops, competitions and speaker sessions.

The objective would be to impart learnings in key subject areas, to connect students will real-time scenarios and to facilitate peer-to-peer interactions. The focus will be to increase the number of competitions this time, involving simulation games, consulting competitions, marketing cases.

Components of the Business Summit:

1. Competitions
2. Workshops
3. Faculty interactions
4. Speaker sessions
5. Student engagement

1. Any number of individual applicants can apply for the summit, but the final set of delegates will be chosen based on the applications. Google forms will be floated in advance.
2. Evaluation of applications will be based on the responses to the questions in the registration form after which the selected delegates will be notified.
3. The selected delegates will have to take part in YLS sessions/events on all three days to get a certificate of successful completion.
4. For participants, involvement in YLS sessions will be given priority over that in other Vista events, unless specified by the organizers.
5. Selected delegates can approach the organizers of YLS for a letter to facilitate obtaining permissions.

Application Shortlist and Payment:

The Young Leaders’ Summit is an invitation based event. Applications are encouraged from across domains and professions. The applications will be shortlisted, on the basis of various parameters. Succesful applications will be released, and candidates will then have to make the payment for the competition on IIM Bangalore – VISTA website.

Fee for Summit: INR 1500, per delegate

Accommodation and food charges: INR 800 for 3 days