Handling Data with Excel – by Excel Prodigy

“In God we trust; all others must bring data.” – William Deming

In a data driven world, we can often feel intimidated at our inability to process information. Most situations will have a specific tool guiding us through that data. However, there is only one tool like Microsoft Excel which can help you in almost every domain. What can Excel do?

  • It simplifies complex formulae
  • It is an excellent reporting tool
  • It is used extensively by everyone in the industry

Perks of learning excel

  • You will be doing things with data which will leave your colleagues bewildered
  • You will complete your work quickly and leave for home early
  • If you’re a student, you can fetch some extra marks in assignment

An academician, a working professional, students, homemakers and scientists, Microsoft Excel has utility for one and all.

So this Vista, Excel Prodigy brings you a workshop on Advanced Excel. Excel Prodigy has trained over 20,000 professionals, conducted 350+ training sessions and is India’s top 5 Microsoft Certified Trainer. The workshop, includes Pivot tables, Chart Data techniques and the very important aspect of protecting your worksheets.

If you want to excel at Excel and master the language of corporate work these days, join us at

  • Venue

    IIM Bangalore
  • Date

    24th September 10am-3pm
  • Contact

    Prachi : +91-9311124722


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