“What is new in Digital Marketing?  – Everything!”

Marketing is the way you communicate with your clients, and there is no surprise that the medium of this communication is increasingly shifting to the internet. And for Google to love you, you need first to get the right message across and develop a relationship with your audience.

Marketing in this era of digital (the internet, mobile, display advertisement) or Digital marketing as we call it, has become a part of our daily lives as the time we spend on the internet and cell phones increase exponentially. This workshop focusses on the Trends and Best Practices of Modern Digital Marketing.

Understand how New media, Digital, Social is the changing the way we communicate, understand the concepts involve and most importantly understand what it is not! Bringing you the future of marketing and providing you with the right tools to create better content you, after this session you can be confident to set fire on the web.

For students, corporates and marketing enthusiasts this workshop is the place to be if you want to step up your game.


  • Venue

    IIM Bangalore
  • Date

    24th September 3pm-6pm
  • Contact

    Anantika : +91-9717900972


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