Data Analytics using Power BI

Data is the lifeline of a successful manager and effective leaders. Power BI gives you the ability to dive into vast amounts of data and rapidly generate actionable and powerful insights. This comes with not just the knowledge of what you can do, but also how you can do it.

This workshop will give you the ability to go beyond the basics of data and help you learn how Power BI can supercharge your insights.

  • Modelling and connect data from different sources
  • Understanding contextual calculations on data
  • Querying and transforming data
  • Visualizing and publishing your data and results

You will come away with powerful abilities that make data your ally!

Organisation: Excel Prodigy, A Microsoft certified corporate training company


A premier corporate training company craving to build expertise through their training solutions. They have conducted more than 750+ corporate training programmes and trained 22500+ personnel.

Date: 16th September 2018

Time: 15:00-18:00 hrs.

Duration: 3 hours

Workshop Fee: Rs. 500 per participant

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