Vista for a #digitalindia

The cashless economy in India was quietly growing in the background – until November 9th, 2016 when it exploded onto the mainstream. On that day, a massive disruption termed “Demonetization” took India by the storm. This major break, albeit uncomfortable, unleashed endless possibilities. How would the future of transactions look like? How fast will we get there? And most importantly, what is our role in it?

Vista believes in the power of the cashless economy. Rooted in transparency and ease of use, it is the new era. A cashless economy supplements the power of data and its use in contributing to stronger economic growth by curbing corruption, misappropriation of income, by reducing the production cost of coins and notes and by increasing spending levels.

To show our support for the cause and lead change by example, Vista has decided to go Cashless!

All transactions before and during Vista will be processed through –


The future of financial transactions is set to undergo a change – Vista and IIM Bangalore are set to be a part of it. We seek your support and participation in helping us take this further by becoming adopters of cashless systems.