Are you one among those who think that the public policies in our country are full of paradoxes?

Do you feel that public policy is the empty space between management and public administration?

Do you believe you have the mettle to bridge the existing voids in implementation and bring about a change? Vidheyak, the public policy competition at Vista 2018, gives you a unique opportunity to explore, debate and put forth your views on what challenges an Indian citizen faces today and construct a feasible public policy for the same.

Bring forward your thoughts to the arena and compete with top minds in the country.


Round 1

Online submission of analysis on a case study/current policy related topic

Round 2

Presentation by selected teams in front of a panel of judges

Round 1

Critical analysis of the given case study/ topic should be original and references (if any) to be mentioned suitably

Round 2

Proposed corrective measures or policies should be holistic and feasible. The in-depth analysis of the proposed solutions will be appreciated more than the quantity or number of proposed solutions

Round 1

1 Page Word Document or PDF to be mailed to

Round 2

PowerPoint Presentation (5-slide max)

Total Prizes of 12K at stake for grab!

Registration Deadline: 15 Sep’18, 12:00 AM IST