14th TO 16th September

IIM Bangalore’s International Business Summit Vista 2018, in association with OpMaC, presents to you Opstract.

Remember the consulting case studies?? The never-ending guesstimates?? A new event simulating the impact of operations in the consulting domain. Completely online, this event will simulate not only the questions but also the atmosphere one might experience during interviews. The case study question is predominantly used in consulting interviews, as it is close to what the person would be doing on the job – listen to the client’s problem, investigate and find a solution.
The case study question would test two main things:
1) Whether the participant can delve deep into the problem and gather enough background information about the case
2) Whether they can suggest a solution or pinpoint the main problem area.
The only question remains, ‘Are you creative enough to disrupt this?’


A series of caselets and guesstimates will be provided to the contestants. The solution of one caselet or the guesstimate would be the key to the next caselet. The last team to survive would be the winner.

  1. This event is open for both corporate and students (undergraduate & postgraduate).
  2. Each team can have minimum 2 and maximum 3 members.
  3. All the participants must belong to the same institute.
  4. A student cannot be part of more than one team.
  5. Multiple teams from the same college are allowed.
  6. Teams with students going on exchange are welcome to participate as long as there are 2 team members available during Vista

The online quiz event will be on 29th August.

Registration will close on 28th August.

Results of the 1st round will be declared on 30th August and 2nd round will be played on 31st August.

Total Prizes of 10K at stake for grab!

Arunaa (9629362778)

Sachin Gutte (8511103916)