14th TO 16th September

IIM Bangalore’s International Business Summit Vista 2018, in association with MASH, presents to you Digibytes.


We all scroll through multiple social media platforms looking at companies and people talking about stuff of every day and at some point have thought, I can do a better job than this. Well, DigiBytes gives you chance to become a content champion on the web. This year, we want you to select one of the topics given below and make a digital launch campaign for your very own content platform. You will be branding it, giving the audience engaging content and pulling the crowd to make it a success.

Here are the topics to choose from:

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Food and Beverages
  3. Music and events
  4. Education
  5. Funny and Topical

Round 1

  1. Teams need to select 1 or maximum a mix of 2 of the topics provided in the details
  2. Teams need to submit a 5 slide ppt containing the following things:
    • Slide 1: Description – Team name, Team members, college name, Selected topic and why they selected it.
    • Slide 2: Brand – Give a brand to your platform, a logo, a name, a tagline, target audience, and platforms selected. There needs to be an explanation for each decision made by the team, separately for each element.
    • Slide 3: Content Strategy – What is needed before the launch, during the launch, and for a month after the launch. Teams need to just attach a sample of example content, not everything. Again teams are advised to give a reasoning for the chosen format, style, frequency, timing of the posts. Also adding required team member will add to your submission.
    • Slide 4: Technology – mention the different digital media tools that will be used by the team and why.
    • Slide 5: Measurements and Future – Mention the key metrics the team will be tracking. How the content will transform over the years, possible collaborators and revenue generation strategies(most important).
  3. This is an elimination round and only 6 teams (5 on-campus + 1 online) will be shortlisted for the 2nd round
  4. The short-listing will be done based on the optimum usage and allocation of the clarity, creativity & originality of the content, depth of analysis, the viability of the brand and the strategy.
  5. The presentation must be mailed to  digibytes.vista18@gmail.com before 31st August 11:59:59 PM

Round 2

Finalists will need to activate their strategy online ( in case of a website, use free domain hosts like Weebly, WordPress or wix)

  1. Teams will need to provide us with access to the brand page to monitor it live for the competition period
  2. Teams have to come up with a creative campaign (minimum 2 out the 3, anything extra is an add-on)
    • 5-post graphic campaign
    • A promo video
    • Online competition
  3. Teams will do a digital presence diagnosis of the brand and will have to come up with a strategy to improve upon them.
  4. Teams will be presenting a 10 slide (5 from the previous round + 5 for this round) / 10-minute presentation to the panel judges – the online team will be giving a presentation over Skype.
  5. Teams will be judged on similar criteria as mentioned in round 1 along with the results they are able to achieve in the competition period.
  1. Each team needs to come up with a new brand, and not to be made activate before the result declaration.
  2. Each team can have minimum 2 and maximum 3 members
  3. Multiple teams from the same college are permitted
  4. Teams with a mixture of college are not permitted
  5. A student cannot be part of more than one team
  6. Only under-graduate & post-graduate students are eligible to take part in this competition
  7. Each post must have @iimbvista & @iimdigibytes to make it eligible for the competition
  8. No form of paid promotion will be allowed.
  9. Each team needs to submit their entries in pdf formats only.
  10. The participants must carefully read through and agree to the following Terms & Conditions before registering:
  • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgments will be with the organizing committee of VISTA, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.
  • The format and structure of events are subject to change before the actual beginning of the event.

Please refer to Event Format for submission details.

Total Prizes of 25K at stake for grab!

R Akshey, 9600173566, akshey.r17@iimb.ac.in

Saurabh Jadhav, 9873036601, saurabh.jadhav17@iimb.ac.in