Prizes worth 25K at stake!

There is no part of the world not yet pervaded by analytics. Data and impactful insights are what run international businesses, trades, elections, science, space and even welfare today. Do not miss out on the opportunity to show the world who are the next lords of data!

Solve a unique data based business problem and win exciting prizes.


Round 1, Phase 1 (Pre-Vista Prelims):

  1. Participants are required register on Vista website for the contest.
  2. Round 1 is an online elimination round conducted as an MCQ quiz. The questions will cover analytics and data science
  3. Participants must login to the quiz link shared upon registration on the specified date and time.
  4. Participants must hit save before the end time to make sure their answers are recorded.
  5. The top 20 teams will progress to the next round based on top 20 scores.
  6. Registration deadline for the Quiz is 14th August. Quiz will be held on 15th August.

Round 1, Phase 2 (Pre-Vista Prelims):

  1. PDF containing the case, hold-out / Training dataset will be provided to the teams upon short-list to this round (by 16th August).
  2. Participants can use Excel/R/SPSS or any other tool for modelling on the hold-out data set.
  3. Participants will be given another training data set by ther. They must submit their models by the 27th August.
  4. Solution will be evaluated on 3 parameters EQUALLY (PPT)

All insights gleaned from the data (from data exploration)

Solution Methodology and reasoning for the approach

AUC score of the answers submitted

  1. Top 10 teams from this evaluation will be invited to the campus for the final round of CoD

Round 2 (On-Campus Finals):

  1. 3 days prior to the date of the event, an updated data file of the initial problem will be shared with the finalists.
  2. Participants will be expected to bring to the finals a cumulative solution of the problems shared with them

Participants will be expected to explore the new data variables and compare with the earlier ones in order to draw relations

  1. Finalists will present in front of our panelists during Vista and explain the rationale and benefits of their model
  2. One winner and one runner-up to be declared among the teams
  1. This is a team event, with each team consisting of 2-3 participants. Members of the team can be from different institutes.
  2. This event is open to business and post-graduate students only. College IDs of finalists will be verified before the commencement of Round 2 and teams will be disqualified immediately if any discrepancies are found.
  3. Teams are required to first register for the event on the IIMB Vista website.
  4. Multiple teams from the same college are allowed.
  5. The submissions are to be attempted as a team, not individually. Only the first submissions made by teams before the deadlines will be used.
  6. The participants must carefully read through and agree to the following Terms & Conditions before registering:

All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgments will be with organizing committee of VISTA, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

The format and structure of events is subject to change before the actual beginning of the event.


Available documents:

  1. Detailed Rules Document with the Case
  2. Training dataset (To be used for building the model)
  3. Test dataset (To be used by “CoD” team to shortlist the teams)
  4. Data dictionary

Teams getting the maxi

Round 1 (Pre-Vista Prelims): 15-Aug-2018

  1. Team must first register on Vista website
  2. Shortlist for Round 1, Phase 2 will be announced and submissions for this round must be sent to (by 27th August,2018)
  3. Subject line of Email: VISTA_D&B_<TeamName>
  4. Body of Email: Name, Contact Number, Email Id, Team Name, Institute Name of each team member
  5. File 1: PPT containing predictions, methodology, output which must be named as VISTA_COD_<TeamName>.pptx
  6. File 2: Document with code and explanation used for modelling named as VISTA_COD_<TeamName>.docx


Round 2 (On-Campus Finals)


  • Data and problem for the final round will be shared and submissions to be sent to:
  • Subject line of Email: VISTA_D7B_<TeamName>
  • Body of Email: Name, Contact Number, Email Id, Team Registration Id, Institute Name of each team member


  1. Submission format: .ppt/.pptx
  2. Elaborate instructions would about the presentation would be sent to the shortlisted teams


Judging Criteria:

  1. Round 1 shortlist would be made on accuracy of the predictions (More details will be provided along with the case)
  2. Round 2 judging criteria would be communicated to the shortlisted teams later



  1. The data used is purely fictional and any resemblance to any company is purely coincidental
  2. Teams to limit themselves to the data provided in the case and any assumptions are to be clearly stated in the slides
  3. Teams to present their cases on campus (Further details to be communicated after first round)

Total Prizes worth INR25K at stake!

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