If you believe the major issues in the country is primarily due to institutional voids in policy making and implementation process and if you think you can create a policy agenda from the existing issues in the society and structure a well-designed solution for the same, ‘Vidheyak’ (meaning “bill” in English) is one of a kind opportunity. A live problem faced by Rural Electrification Corporation in front of you. Your solutions and suggestions have the chance to get escalated to Ministry of Power and take this opportunity to make your ideas of nation building get implemented.

Prizes Worth: INR 15,000



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  • Round 1 (Pre-Vista Prelims)

    Online submission of scalable model on a live rural electrification case study (pre vista)

  • Round 2 (On-campus Finals)

    Presentation of the scalable model along with solutions to deeper implementation problems (which will be communicated later) by selected teams (6) in front of panel of judges during Vista

  • This competition is open to students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degree.
  • 2 to 3 members to be part of team.
  • Critical analysis of the given case study/ topic should be original and references (if any) to be mentioned suitably.
  • Proposed corrective measures or policies should be holistic and feasible. The in-depth analysis of the proposed changes will be appreciated more than the quantity or number of proposed changes.

8th Sep, 2017: Last date for submission of Round 1.

The submissions to be sent to and

For round 1:

2 pages max, 12 size font with single spacing, file name Round1_teamname_institutename

Team Size: 2-3 members per team

Round 1 Submission Deadline: 8th September 2017

Access your case here:

Niveydan – 9629352825 –

Venkatakrishnan – 7094109725 –


Team Name Team Leader
Excalibur Ketan Nirpagare
Masterpolicymind Yogada Joshi
Niti Deepika Agarwal
Anhad Sidharth Santhosh
Tycoons Subhadeep Banerjee
Bijlee Anumeha Srivastava