If you believe the major issues in the country is primarily due to institutional voids in policy making and implementation process and if you think you can create a policy agenda from the existing issues in the society and structure a well-designed solution for the same, ‘Vidheyak’ (meaning “bill”) is one of a kind opportunity to contest your opinions with top minds in the country.

Prizes Worth: INR 15,000



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  • Round 1 (Pre-Vista Prelims)

    Analysis on a current policy- Online submission of analysis on a case study / current policy related topic

  • Round 2 (On-campus Finals)

    Policy building- Presentation of a scalable model of public policy for a given problem statement by selected teams (6) in front of panel of judges during Vista

  • This competition is open to students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degree.
  • 2 to 3 members to be part of team.
  • Critical analysis of the given case study/ topic should be original and references (if any) to be mentioned suitably.
  • Proposed corrective measures or policies should be holistic and feasible. The in-depth analysis of the proposed changes will be appreciated more than the quantity or number of proposed changes.

The submissions to be sent to and

Team Size: 2-3 members per team

Round 1 Submission Deadline: 8th September 2017

Niveydan – 9629352825 –

Venkatakrishnan – 7094109725 –