Do the words Down and Across echo with the rustle of a newspaper to Page 5? Will Limericks cause you to reach for a pen and paper? Can you see past the veil of Rebuses? If the answer is yes to any of the above, make words your dreams this Vista and weave your magic!

Prizes Worth: INR 9000

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  • This is a Potpourri event
  • The event will consist of 2 rounds; Prelims and Finals
  • The event comprises of verbal puzzles including Ditloids, Anagrams, Rebus etc
  • Top 6 teams from the Prelims will qualify for the finals
  • Participation in teams of 2.
  • The event is open only to students
  • Cross college participation is allowed

Anand V Ganapathy – 9975568467 – anand.ganapathy16@iimb.ac.in

Gargi Verma – 9592842224 – gargi.verma17@iimb.ac.in

Usha Muppalla – 8511423342 – muppalla.usha16@iimb.ac.in

Ajith KM – 8089613182 – ajith.km17@iimb.ac.in