Remember the consulting case studies?? The never-ending guesstimates?? VISTA’ 17 brings to you a completely new dimension to this in the world of operations. A new event simulating the impact of operations in consulting domain. Completely online, this event will simulate not only the questions, but also the atmosphere one might experience during interviews. The case study question is predominantly used in consulting interviews, as it is close to what the person would be doing on the job – listen to the client’s problem, investigate and find a solution.The case study question would test two main things:
1) Whether the participant can delve deep into the problem and gather enough background information about the case by asking the right questions, and;
2) Whether they can suggest a solution or pinpoint the main problematic area. The only question remains, ‘Are you creative enough to disrupt this?’

Prizes Worth: INR 10,000

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Registration closes on September 13th 2017 – 5pm.


  • Round 1

    • Registered teams will participate in an online quiz which will test their knowledge on basic operation management concepts.
    • The quiz would be available on 13th September from 9pm- 11:59pm* (subject to change)
    • Based on the quiz scores, top 40* teams will be shortlisted for the Round
  • Round 2

    • Selected teams from round 1 will be provided with caselets online. Login credentials for the online platform will be sent to the selected teams.
    • Under each caselet, there will be nodes (some of which will be directing to various aspects of the correct solution).
    • To judge whether the participant can ask the right questions, a set of standard queries would be provided at each node of the structure.
    • The participant will have to choose which questions are most relevant and which queries are redundant.
    • Relevant queries will fetch positive marks, and redundant queries will fetch zero marks.
    • There would also be a restriction on the number of questions a candidate can ask. So the participant cannot view answers to all the questions and would be forced to pick a smaller number of questions. Hence, they should use their judgement while clicking on the nodes and the questions which they think would help them in getting required answer to derive case solution.

Overall in round 2, three caselets would be provided based on guesstimates and another three caselets based on Root-cause analysis. Participants have to estimate the data asked in the guesstimates type caselets. While for root cause analysis based caselets, participants must identify the root-cause of the problem.

  • It is an Pre-Vista online event
  • Team size: Minimum of 1 and maximum of 3
  • Members of a team should be from same institution
  • Participant can be a part of only one team
  • Any number of teams can participate from an institution
  • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgments will be with organizing committee of VISTA, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.
  • The format and structure of events is subject to change before the actual
    beginning of the event.

Quiz date: 13th Sep 2017
Round 2: 20 th Sep 2017

Suman Das –suman.das16@iimb.ernet.in – 9051319799
Lindu – limdu.lawrance17@iimb.ac.in – 9497451935