Stock 20-20

“Frankly, I don’t see markets; I see risks, rewards, and money ” – Larry Hite

Show off your Fin Gyan by pitching for your favorite stock. Choose a company that got listed post-2015 and show us why it’s worth our money (or is not!). We expect the participants to set the stage on fire by their technical and/or fundamental analysis of the stock. And give us a long-term/short-term view on whether to buy-hold-sell it (so that we can mint some moolah!). Impress us and a cool cash prize awaits you!

Prizes Worth: INR 15,000

Shortlist for Round 2 announced! Mails sent out to Team Leads


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  • Round 1 (Pre-Vista Prelims)

    • The objective is to test your knowledge about the recent happenings in the world of finance
    • This will be in the form of an online quiz for 30 minutes. The details will be communicated to the registered participants.
  • Round 2 (Online Submission)

    • The objective is to be able to predict the future stock price movement in the short-term/long-term on the basis of their analysis, based on which trading strategies can be generated
    • Teams can select any one stock from the Indian stock market. The stock needs to be consistent with Vista’s Theme “Creative Disruption”
    • The teams are at a liberty to choose the time frame (short-term/long-term) of their predictions
    • Teams can use any form of technical or fundamental analysis that they feel is suitable. Ultimately it’s the story that sells!
  • Round 3 (On-campus Finals)

    Shortlisted candidates will be required to present their analysis before a panel of judges.

  • Each team can have 2-3 participants
  • This event is open only to students
  • No limit on the number of teams participating from a college
  • Send us your entries in the format specified in the Submission Details tab
  • Submission to be sent to
  • Round 2 submissions to be sent before: 18:00:00 hrs, 6th September 2017
  • Subject line of the email: STOCK20_<Team Name>_<College Name>_Round 1
  • Submission format: .ppt/.pptx (only 5 slides) and/or .xls/.xlsx
  • Body of Email: Name, Contact Number, Email Id, Team Registration Id, Institute name of each team member
  • Filename: STOCK20_<Team Name>_<College Name>_Round 2
  • Each team’s submission should contain the following:
    • Presentation (maximum 5 slides + a team name/member slide)
    • Excel sheet to support your trading idea (optional)

Team Size: 2-3 members per team

Mohit Singhania +91 9560675233 –

Praveen Raj +91 9008836706 –

Niroshni S  : +91 9952828452 –

Mudit Verma :  +91 9444357510 –