Future leaders – are you game to lead the next disruption?

Show us what your story of leading the next big change would look like. A world conference, a board room battle or that futuristic product launch – How will it come about?

We are inviting creative photo stories depicting your take on the next game-changing event of the world, led by you.

Prizes Worth: INR 8,000



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  • Participants are required to register on Vista website for the contest. Registrations will stay open till 24th September
  • Online submission of photos must be made to
  • Create a storyboard of 4-6 photos that depict your lead character in the heading the next big change in the world (Get creative, you have a photographer within you!)

The idea of what ‘Change’ was brought about must be clear from the pictures.

  • Individual or team of up to 2 people
  • Multiple submissions are permitted for a team/individual – given they have registered and must be sent as a single response
  • Any file format is acceptable (raw, jpeg, etc.)
  • Make sure that each photograph in the story is numbered in the right sequence (Don’t leave us guessing in what order the events occur!)
  • Do not forget to title your work. Each photo must be named as <name of your story>#<sequence number>
  • All photos belonging to 1 story must be zipped into 1 file.
  • Remember to name the file with your registration id. (Entries will not be accepted if we cannot trace you to a registration id)
  • Only use the email id used for registration to send your entries
  • A photo story makes use of multiple pictures like a cartoon strip to depict a story
  • Words may or may not accompany the photo series. (Please feel free to use them if they make the photo story more compelling)
  • A team of judges, well versed in photography will decide the top 3 submissions.
  • Do not send us someone else’s work claiming to be yours. Copyright infringement and any plagiarism will lead to disqualification
    • The participants must carefully read through and agree to the following Terms & Conditions before registering:
    • All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgments will be with organizing committee of VISTA, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.
    • The format and structure of events is subject to change before the actual beginning of the event.

Submissions must be sent to :

  • Judging criteria : 30% Novelty of idea; 30% creativity of depiction; 20% technicality of pictures; 20% clarity of story
  • No Prelims. This is a single round event (online submission)
  • Last date of submission of entries – 23rd September, 11:59:59 PM

Results will be declared on 24th September before the conclusion of VISTA.


Kritika – 8411972019,