Hire to conquer

15th sept (Saturday from 4pm to 7pm)

Event Exclusively for IIMB students

Round 1

Form a team of five, and pitch as to why each member of your team is capable  to represent business skill sets that’s required for a packaging industry and how each of you can contribute to the creation of a packaging that can stand out from others

So teams pen down the content and get selected for the next round (Please fill the attached form. It will act as an eliminator for Round 1)

 Round 2

  • Each selected team has to pitch the above content to the alums present and convince one of the Alums to be your team’s mentor and guide. Thus each team is allotted with an Alum and will be given a specific set of raw materials as per the Industry (Paper Industry, Scale Industry, Pencil Industry, Adhesive Industry, Coloured Pen Industry) and some money to buy any required raw materials from other teams. The team has unrestricted access to the raw material of the industry they own while they have to pay in order to secure other raw materials owned by other teams.
  • Teams have to produce boxes made of A4 paper. They have to cut the sheet into the shape of a plus through the use of a scale by making pencil markings first. They have to use the fevistick to stick the sides together to make a box then use sketch pens to decorate the box. All the boxes developed by a team should be exactly similar.
  • In order to get this material to produce boxes, they have to negotiate with other companies (other teams) to get raw material from the money given to them. Companies are free to decide the price at which they will sell but will be given a maximum and minimum price that they can charge.
  • Once the time for production is over, the time for inspection begins. A panel inspects all the boxes made by each team and rejects any box that is not the right size/design.
  • Now every team has a set of boxes that they can sell to the company who have developed a new oil and are looking for a company who can sell containers(boxes) to them. (This information can be given to the candidates in the beginning.)

 Round 3

  • At this point, 2 teams which have the least number of boxes get rejected.
  • The three teams have to develop a presentation that they will give to the company to select their boxes instead of their competitors.
  • The presentations will be judged by a panel of Judges.
  • The best presentation wins.
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Total Prizes worth 5K at stake for grab!

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