Vista 2017

The only constant is change. The cycle of destruction and creation of something new to replace the old order is the tenet which the world of business operates by. Contrary to common perception, disruption is neither just a technological phenomenon nor is it new.

Corporate game changers have been constantly redefining how companies communicate their messages, manage their people and deliver greater value to their customers. Each disruption powers growth for the company and sets the new normal for the industry. Business strategy disruptions are increasingly becoming the way of play, fueling new opportunities and driving economic growth.

Organization structures are becoming more agile, doing away with established hierarchies. Marketing is shifting focus from conventional channel strategies to the creation of customer experience journeys. Supply chains which have always been envisioned linearly are collapsing into network structures with growing connectedness across stakeholders. In such an environment, no business is immune to disruption“ from accounting to manufacturing to online retail, companies are acting to reinvent themselves to survive and thrive in the era of disruption.

Join us at VISTA 2017 as we celebrate disruptions to the ecosystems of business, government, and society and the tremendous impact they can and will create.

Join us as we celebrate the game changers!

Past Testimonials

It was wonderful speaking to the students of IIM Bangalore on the occasion of Vista, The International Business Summit
Suresh Prabhu
Minister of Railways
Enjoyed being at #IIMBangalore. Great,green campus & lively,smart students!
Sachin Pilot
Member, Indian National Congress

Media Coverage

  • Sept 9, 2016
    Business Line -Former New Zealand cricketer Stephen Fleming speaks to students as he kicked off IIM Bangalore’s Vista 2016 pre-launch speaker series in the city.

Our Team

Priyanka Rao

Priyanka works to bring together the efforts of all the teams and create something that is greater than the sum of its parts – a business summit that truly represents a congregation of the academia and the industry. 

Amey Sahasrabuddhe

Amey is responsible for managing the massive finances of Vista. Spanning everything from budgeting to disbursement, he is charged with ensuring that Vista raises and spends funds wisely.

Shanky Jaiswal

Head, Sponsorship
Responsible for all the corporate associations that Vista undertakes, Shanky and his team work closely with our partners to understand their business requirements and build mutually beneficial relationships.

Gowtham Ravi

Head, Events
In collaboration with multiple clubs at IIMB, Gowtham and his team are responsible for bringing to life all the events in Vista, starting with conceptualization and ending with on-ground execution.

Srividya Ganesan

Head, Marketing
Srividya is responsible for branding and public relations for Vista. With online and offline marketing campaigns, development of creatives and web content, her team brings Vista closer to its participants and partners.

Vignesh Kumar

Head, Operations

Planning end to end operations for all events in Vista, Vignesh and his team work in tandem with multiple stakeholders to provide all participants with an effortless experience and to ensure Vista runs like a well-oiled machine.